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Games Played


Ancients: Field of Glory, DBx,Warhammer Ancients

Dark Ages - Saga

Renaissance: Field of Glory Renaissance

WRG 2ND Edition 1420 - 1700 Renaissance Rules - George Gush
WRG 1685 - 1845 Seven Years War

Napoleonics: Priniples of War, Shako 2, General De Brigade, Age of Eagles(fire &fury), Black Powder.

Napoleonic Naval - Langtons Signal for Close Action 4th Edition and Fast Play.

ACW:Fire and Fury, Jonny Reb, Black Powder
AWI: British Grenadier

Principles of War - 19th Century (Crimea, Franco-Prussian,Colonial) and World War 1.

World War 1 aerial - Dogfight Over Flanders

World War 2 -Take Cover. Panzer Marsch,Battlegroup Panzer Grenadier, Flames of war and Bolt Action

                   I Aint Been Shot Mum, Rules of engagement

World War 2 Naval Warfare - Various Rules.

WWII Aerial - Bag The Hun

Modern: Ambush Alley


AT43, 40k, Distopian Wars,Warmachine, Infinity, X-Wing


Warhammer, Warmaster, Blood Bowl, Hordes, Uncharted seas,Frostgrave

Plus numerous "Home Brew" rules for all periods and genres